Thursday, November 17, 2016

pisces compatibility, pisces love compatibility, pisces love matches

pisces compatibility with aries

Perhaps for "disregarding" Aries the union would be a smash...but for "hurt by every word said and not said" Pisces...this union might just prove to be a heart breaker. This might work out if the woman is the Aries and the man the Pisces...but not so much the other way around.

pisces compatibility with taurus

....pisces with Taurus is soppose to work. However I knew a couple that was this zodiac love match, and the pisces just complained that the Taurus was too "non responsive" so maybe this is not the best love match. However, if the pisces has some Taurus planetary placements in his / here chart,...this could work.

pisces compatibility with leo

Typically these two will not understand eachother. Pisces needs to feel nurtured and supported by his all times...leo needs to feel admired and respected by his lover all times...these two seek different things and are of a different element...they will have to work hard to understand eachother if it is to work for the long haul.

pisces compatibility with libra
Pisces These two both believe in romance, however they have different values. The air sign likes to share in meaning less banter...the water sign likes to share deep emotions....not so good. Pisces may get fed up with libras need to take in information instead of sharing those feelings in the relationship...libra may get fed up with pisces neediness.

pisces compatibility with scorpio
Pisces is one of the best love matches for scorpio. These two water signs will hit it off from the word "go." They have the same out look on life...and value the same things. Feelings and emotions brought to the forefront are ingredients for a healthy happy relationship for these two zodiac signs.

pisces compatibility with sagittarius
Pisces emotions can run way too low for the optimistic sagittarius. Sagittarius may be just too easy going for the deep feeling moody pisces. Pisces puts feelings and emotions at the forefront of happiness in his world. Sagittarius puts money, looking good, and spending, and friends at the forefront of his happiness. These two are different. They may not have much to say to eachother. Well only on the superficial level. Deeper than that...they may realize they look at life from different angles.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mars in Virgo (The Good the Bad and The Ugly)

Mars in Virgo:

How we are motivated 

Positive Characteristics of Mars in Virgo

  • Organized
  • Zeros in on what needs to be done
  • Can help others achieve their goals
  • Likes to help people who are sick
  • Enjoys spending time with children and small animals
  • Hard working
  • Touchy feel y when in love

Negative Characteristics of Mars in Virgo

  • May lash out verbally when angry
  • May nit pick about the same thing for years
  • Likes when those close to him "look good"
  • knows how to dress to impress people
  • Temper can get out of control

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Monday, November 14, 2016

My Husband has Jupiter in Aries?!!!!

  1. Angry???
  2. Dominant!!!!
  3. Rude!!!!
  4. Arrogant!!!!
  5. Ignorant!!!!
  6. Independent!!!!!
  7. Egotistical!!!!
  8. Difficult to Work With!!!!!!

In Astrology this is like a Death Sentence in a Relationship!

Jupiter in Compatibility Astrology

Jupiter shows where the Challenge is and how great the Challenge is in the Relationship. Jupiter is one of the worst placements for a partner. However on the brighter side I have Jupiter in Leo. So, I am so opposed to be able to handle it. The are somewhat compatible. It also means sometimes I wont take his Garbage. So we fight. I know I am Royalty, I don't want  to act like garbage or accept garbage. My husband is very arrogant. 

i also have Mars in Scorpio

that means that I don't like change especially sexual change. so, i put up with it and try to manuver around the arrogance and rudeness. The day is coming my folks when its either all going to change, or Im done. Im not going to put up with it anymore. Yes, he is my husband, I will never get married again, but I cant put up with trash as I said. 

Mars in Aquarius men

mars in aquarius men are very flirty. You probably wont like it. 

Angry Aries in Jupiter 

He's lucky I am a Libra

He has his Mars in Aquarius, I guess that makes him easy to handle somewhat.                     

Venus in Virgo (the good the bad and the ugly)

How we Love our Partner & Our Astrological Sensuality 

  1. Venus in Virgo- How you love your lover/partner/spouse

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo the Positive Side

  • You like to do little things for your partner that let them know they are special to you, Practical 
  • You are very touchy feely
  • You like someone who is good looking in the face, not heavy in the body, perhaps on the petite side. 
  • You would give your all to create a life that is comfortable, for you and your partner.
  • You are a very sensual lover

Venus in Virgo the Negative Side

  • You criticize your partner too much
  • You criticize how they dress and what they wear too much
  • You may be overly affectionate
  • You expect your partner to be an extension of you even when it comes to looks
  • You expect a lot from your partner, That they should have a good career one you can be proud of
  • You are too strict at times almost like a parent
  • Your partners status (financial)  is important to you
  • You love in a very superficial (what the world thinks) type of way


Thursday, October 3, 2013

twelve zodiac Signs Astrology/ 12 Zodiac sign Meanings

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Boyfriend Astrology Too

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virgo characteristics, virgo personality, virgo zodiac sign

Here is a brief list of some of the keywords associated with the Virgo characters and personality traits 

  •  Detailed
  • List makers
  • Intelligent
  • Nit picky
  • Hard-working
  • Sensual
  • Discriminating
  • Organized
  • Hard-nosed
  • Clean
  • Pure

The zodiac sign of the Virgin is totally clean and orderly. Why? Really I don't know! Perhaps this gives them a false sense of control.

When it comes to love Virgo personalities knows what they want and what they don't want! It has been written of Virgo man is seeking his wife. Not a girlfriend! The Virgin personality female also pays special attention to the type of man she selects.. She too is seeking a long term love partner and not a one night stand. Because of their attention to detail, most Virgo zodiac personality tend to be quite intelligent and can quickly move up in their chosen profession. They know what works and what does not and could quickly impress their superior's by way of their ability to be efficient, practical, and productive employees. Should the zodiac sign of the Virgin get angry, you will know! They will do one of two things, breakdown another person's self-esteem with their zingy hurtful one-liners, or they will "nit-pick" until the cows come home. The Virgo zodiac should try to understand that not everybody thinks and operates the way they do and that hurting the feelings of others rarely changes the behaviour.

Virgo personality astrological planet ruler ship

It is often written in many astrology books that the Virgo planet ruler is Mercury. this is inaccurate!Mercury rules Gemini solely. Astrologers are now saying that the recently discovered "Chiron " is Virgo's rightful planetary ruler.

The Chiron ruler ship influence is...

  • Sensual
  • Feminine
  • Analytical
  • Thorough
  • Orderly
  • Intrigued by form
  • Health-conscious
  • Dietary
  • Obsessive about perfectionism
These indications caused Virgo to be...

oddly sensual: because Virgo personalities "the virgin," is intrigued by form, especially that of a female human and order. They can be oddly sensual. They often play with their lovers hair, lovers clothing and touch their lovers,  skin and opt to do unusual things in the bedroom.

Nitpicking: often when Virgo personality get upset they get picky this may not sound like a big deal. But should you ever be the object of this zodiac signs scrutiny. You will know that this can be a very hurtful experience!

Order: Virgos are known to be neat and organized. They are known to have bathroom mats clothing and clothes freshly laundered at all times. And I have personally watched a Virgo friend of mine line up each chicken wing bone side-by-side on his plate when he finished eating the meat off of it. Yes I know, how bizarre!

Great powers of analysis: the Virgo personality has great powers of analysis. They are able to quickly size up what will work and what won't work because of this they are constantly labelling other people, who were not as quick and keen as themselves. They often degrade those close to them as well as make verbal remarks that cut straight to the core.

The Virgo personality when in love

When Virgo zodiac sign is in love they will...

  • the virgo personality likes to do many mundane tasks for the loved one
  • the virgo personality likes to Help to keep their partner organized and on track with their goals by making lists
  • the virgo personality will Spend much time sharing moments of affection with the loved one
  • the virgo personality Makes plans for the long haul such as marriage and children
  • the virgo personality will support the loved one by listening and sharing 

The Virgin personality expectations in love relationships

  • To be the dominant partner
  • Money to be spent wisely
  • Monogamy
  • Loyalty
  • Logged on in hip to the intimacy
  • To be admired
  • For the loved ones to keep him or herself clean and practise proper hygiene

The Virgo personality at work

On-the-job Virgo needs...

  • To keep tools in order in the work area
  • To be given all the information
  • To have question and answer periods
  • to keep tools in order: Virgo likes to know where their stuff is. They naturally keep things clean and neat. And please do not move their stuff without returning it exactly the way you found it.

to be given all the information: Virgo needs all the information...other wise they may get upset. so be sure to give them all the "details" of any and everything you discuss with them....when they don't get all the can bet they will ask allot of questions...any who I dated a guy with mars in Virgo once...I found his questions so annoying.

to have question and answer periods: again they need the when the opportunity arises you can be they will take advantage of it.

best types of employment for virgo zodiac sign

  • librarian
  • pharmacist
  • proof reader
  • hygienists
  • writer
  • scientist
  • mid wife
  • gynecologist
  • designer
  • cook 

Some personality traits and Virgo could improve on

  • Showing love through romance rather than doing tasks
  • Stop telling people off because they don't perform as you may expect
  • take it easy with the cleaning and organizing...there is more to life
  • stop trying to find reasons to be upset with others search for reasons to be happy
  • the more things outside of the home virgo is involved in....the less he stresses when at home
  • allow others to feel what they are feeling without feeling like you must fix them
  • accept that you yourself may not be "perfect in ever way!"
  • read up about the virgo personality element in astrology 
Virgo personality child

  • Will make other children cried with quick put downs
  • Likes to know where his toys are
  • Will frequently asked adult tough questions
  • May have feelings of love for another child early
  • Once all the information otherwise he may get upset
  • Can do anything he wants to do because he is intelligent and capable
  • Helped out his parents around the house

What to teach the young Virgo personality

  • Verbal put downs are not nice
  • Not everyone thinks the same
  • You cannot control feelings thoughts and actions of others
  • There is more to life than that which a person owns
  • How to meditate for relaxation
  • That there is a higher power
Some personality traits and Virgo could improve on

  • Becoming more gentle and less hard with those close to you
  • Grab hold of the urge to do things out of the norm in intimacy as this may make love partners on comfortable
  • Create a fantasy of the perfect life and strive to create it rather than trying to control others
  • Accept others as they are instead of trying to correct them such as their speaking grammar and actions

"The virgin" as a friend

If a virgo personality is your best know how truly loyal they can be. Virgos have few true friends and many more associates. This is due to virgos wide variety of interests. This zodiac sign will be honest with you about anything you ask them so dont get upset if they tell you what they feel in their hearts. This sign is slightly prone to addictions...I think its because they seek an escape from the high expectations they set out for them selves.

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